Violectric HPA V222 Balanced Headphone Amplifier


  • With its special technology, the HPA V222 not only offers one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers on the market, but also:
    • Lowest noise – due to a very small internal gain. As a result, the inherent noise of the amplifiers is inaudible.
    • High output voltage – due to 50 volt internal operating voltage. Therefore ideally suited for high-impedance headphones.
    • High output power – through powerful amplifiers that can deliver far more power than even the most demanding headphone can need. Therefore ideally suited for headphones with low impedances and also magnetostats.
    • High damping factor – due to the lowest output impedance. Therefore ideally suited to control even the most difficult headphones without influencing them with a guarantee for an uncompromising frequency response.

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The Violectric HPA V222 is a new balanced headphone amplifier in the Violectric range. As a true symmetrical amplifier, it offers four output stages and not just symmetrical connection options.

The headphone amplifier is a further development of the multiple test winner HPA V200 and HPA V280 and offers the incomparable natural and pleasant sound that made its predecessors famous.


The rear line inputs can be selected via switches on the front. After the RK 27 volume control, the activated and buffered signal reaches the power amplifiers, which are a further development of the famous V200 circuits. Connect your headphones to the HPA V222 and enjoy a compact and fantastic sounding headphone amplifier with the famous natural, smooth but precise Violectric sound

    • line input:
– Stereo XLR, balanced
– Stereo RCA, unbalanced
    • Headphone outputs:
– 1 x 4-pin XLR, balanced
– 1 x Pentaconn, symmetrical
– 1 x 6.3 mm jack, unbalanced


  • +Line inputs (XLR and RCA) switchable on the front
  • +/- 18 dB pre-gain for optimal adjustment of the HPA V222 to the source and headphones
  • Volume control with RK 27 potentiometer
  • large 38 mm all-aluminum button
  • Powerful symmetrical stereo amplifier (4 power amplifiers)
  • 3500mW Pmax into 50 ohms
  • 23V RMS into 600 ohms
  • Delayed activation of the headphones after power-on
  • Built-in power supply with toroidal transformer
  • 22,000uF filter capacitance



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