About Mirai

Mirai Audio, the best place for audio to hang around in Cheras.

“Audio is the third sense we’re born with and it’s what can elevate our experience of everyday life. That’s why we’re so passionate about it.”

Mirai (未来 or みらい) means “future” in Japanese.

As we progress in our future voyages, we are on a mission to demonstrate new audio technologies and best listening experience to the Head-fiers community. We are happy to share our experience to you.

A focus on quality

Regardless of whether you’re looking for earphone and audio components, we guarantee that our products will always be of excellent quality.

Unique experience

We provide an intimate environment where you can listen to music without disturbance, or even replace your cables for an improved sound quality. Our after sales service is superb and we will do everything we can to deliver perfect service to make sure you come back again!

The best advice from specialists

We have a wealth of experience in the audio industry and offer excellent advice for anyone who needs it — we’re here to help!

Great deals on great products

All at affordable prices. You don’t need to pay out the nose for high-quality audio when you can get it at competitive rates with mirai!

Offers customise cables and repair services

We provide customisation services that allow you to design your own cables and other accessories. We also have a repair service available should any mishaps befall your beloved device!

It’s time for you to upgrade your audio gear with us!

Visit us now.

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