TANCHJIM ZERO HiFi Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphone


  • Entry-level Pricing Flagship Configuration
  • Precisely Developed Cavity
  • Dustproof And Waterproof Filters
  • High Quality Cable And Microphone
  • Lightweight And Comfortable


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Entry-level Pricing Flagship Configuration

The diaphragm of ZERO uses the composite diaphragm commonly used in high-end flagship earphones, and the composite structure is made of flexible ultra-fine fiber suspension and beryllium-plated dome, which delivering ZERO a wide bandwidth. TANCHJIM Acoustic R&D Department has been upgraded based on DMT@4 dynamic driver loudspeaker, and adopted FEA finite element analysis software to simulate and analyze the driver data, optimizing the waveguide structure, strengthening the magnetic circuit, reducing the suspension quality, and adjusting the rigidity of diaphragm, ensuring ZERO has a wide dynamic performance, delicate high frequency and compact bass frequency. ZERO has objective indicators comparable to flagship in-ear HIFI earphones, and provides the lower nonlinear distortion (0.054%@1KHz 94dB) thanks to the new generation DMT driver.

Precisely Developed Cavity

TANCHJIM Acoustic R&D Department analyzes the earphone cavity through using Acoustic-Structure Coupling ASI + sound transmission loss STL. After loading the geometric structure, it controls the data such as filters density, housing material and suspension system variables to make FEM analysis and correction, and finally presenting the inner cavity of ZERO, which contributes to ZERO’s excellent sound quality.

Dustproof And Waterproof Filters

ZERO’s front cavity is equipped with SATTI filter imported from Italy, and the surface with nano-coating attached is dustproof and waterproof, which can effectively prevent water and dust from entering the cavity. The outer filter is equipped with stainless steel protector, which makes ZERO more durable.* It only means that the nozzle filter is waterproof and dustproof, thus reducing the possibility of water or dust blocking the filter inside the ear canal.

High Quality Cable And Microphone

4N OFC copper silver-plated core and Kevlar material are woven with LITZ anti-oxidation structure. The cable is flexible, effectively anti-winding and anti-pulling. It’ s smooth and easy-stored and opened.

Lightweight And Comfortable

Ergonomically designed in-ear earphone cavity, which fits well with the ear canal of most people.It provides the lightweight and comfortable wearing experience.



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