TANCHJIM Tanya 7MM Dynamic Earphone 3.5mm Line Plug HiFi Earbuds with Microphone


  • Compact Design,7mm Micro Dynamic Driver
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Superbly Warm, Smooth Sound Signature
  • High Quality 4N Oxygen Free Cable With HD Microphone

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Compact Design,7mm Micro Dynamic Driver

Tanchjim Tanya is deceptively compact and houses a 7mm micro dynamic driver that is tuned to perform flawlessly. It is tuned to deliver a punchy, lively sound output with natural tonality and timbre. The pair offers a smooth and non-fatiguing experience to its users with an amazing acoustic experience. The rear cavity on the earphone includes a brass resonance suppression ring that effectively suppresses resonance, enhances definition, and expands the soundstage as well delivering richer details. The precision fit of the acoustic cavity, driver and the resonance suppression ring guarantees Tanya’s sound quality. Don’t go on the compact size of the Tanchjim Tanya, it is a tremendous performer.

Comfortable To Wear

The Tanchjim Tanya is designed using high-quality materials to give you the best audio experience. The earphones weigh less than 30g and are comfortable to wear. The audio cavity is crafted from a titanium-alloy, anti-dust mesh. This is enclosed in an anode-sandblasted, aviation-grade, aluminium-alloy housing. The highly precise Italian satay tuning mesh has a special nano-coating that makes it waterproof and dustproof. To meet the close-fitting requirements of the acoustic cavity, an integrated moulding process using soft TPE and hard ABS is used.

Superbly Warm, Smooth Sound Signature

The Tanchjim Tanya has been tuned to the referenced Harman IE curve. It has gone through many revisions based on multiple listener feedback. The result with the Tanya is a superbly warm, smooth sound signature. A brand-new acoustic architecture includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that causes an electric simulation throughout the cavity structure, driver, diaphragm, magnets and voice coil. A cover with a higher acoustical transmission rate was used for a relaxed, transparent sound. It is ideal for casual music listening as well as monitoring.

High Quality 4N Oxygen Free Cable With HD Microphone

The Tanchjim Tanya comes with a 4N oxygen-free copper cable with a kevlar shaft core and Litz structure. This makes it soft, durable and tangle free and allows for seamless audio transmission. The inline remote and mic included with the earphone deliver distortion free warm sound and also allows for HD calling and easy music control.



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