Tanchjim Echo IPX4 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 In-ear Earbuds


  • 10mm Beryllium Plated Dome Dynamic Driver
  • Stable Connection
  • Comfortable and Stable, ergonomic design
  • Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth Chip
  • High-Quality Voice
  • Low Latency, Synchronism
  • Ultra-long Battery Life

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Stable Connection

The triangular signal antenna designed according to the shape of ECHO cavity can transmit signals to all parties without being blocked easily, which provides a stable Bluetooth signal connection.

Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth Chip

The new synchronous connection technology and Bluetooth 5.2 protocol are supported, and powerful hardware presents excellent interactive functions.

New generation binaural mirroring mode

Lower power consumption, lower delay, more stable connection, and the right/left side can be used independently. The anti-interference performance is much better than that of the previous generation of forwarding connections, and the intermittent sound can be avoided when listening or calling.

High-Quality Voice

Beamforming of microphone at the specific position can record vocals in high definition quickly, which can effectively improve the voice clarity under the ENC noise canceling.

Low Latency, Synchronism

The Aptx Adaptive decoding technology not only provides smooth performance, higher stability and a high-quality wireless listening experience but also keeps the audio and images in real-time synchronization so that worry-free about the unpleasant experience while watching live or gaming.

Ultra-long Battery Life

ECHO ensures the sufficient power with about 48 hours of ultra-long battery life. It can not only charge through the Type-C port, but also support any wireless charging device with Qi protocol.

High Sound Quality

ECHO has adopted a 10mm beryllium plated dome flexible suspended diaphragm dynamic driver which is relatively rare in TWS. With the help of DSP technology FEA finite element simulation technology and excellent audio processing technology, it presents surging, balanced and restored high-quality sound effects.



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