Tanchjim Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphone


  • Three driver hybrid setup.
  • Powerful 6mm dynamic driver unit.
  • Two high-performance Sonion BA units.
  • Natural-Reference grade sound quality.
  • Finely crafted with best acoustic materials with FEA simulation technology.
  • Premium T-APB air balance ear tips.

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Technologically Advanced:-

Professional Engineers at Tanchjim have utilized FEA(Finite Element Analysis) & Simulation Technology techniques to carry out electromagnetic acoustic simulations on Darling’s cavity designs, acoustic structure, Diaphragm pattern, coil material. All this is done to create a flawless product with an industry-leading acoustic performance.

Natural, Reference-Level Sound Clarity:-

The Tanchjim Darling is tuned by professional acoustic engineers to deliver a reference-grade pair of in-ear monitors. The pair complements different genres of music well.

6mm Micro Dynamic Driver:-

The Tanchjim Darling features a powerful 6mm micro dynamic driver unit responsible for an energetic, powerful lower end. You are greeted with a precise, controlled bass that complements other frequencies really well.

Dual Sonion BA Drivers:-

Two Sonion balanced armature drivers are paired with the 6mm dynamic driver unit to deliver a smooth, detailed sound output with natural tonality. You are gonna love how beautifully the Darling’s reproduces your music for you!!

Premium Audio Accessories:-

Tanchjim Darling is not a premium pair just by its performance or price, it also comes bundled with some of the finest accessories like premium T-APB air balance ear tips, premium-grade stock cable, and a high-quality earphone carry case.



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