Sony MDR-CD800ST


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“A new standard for stage use, born for the best live performance.”


“The true sound of the artist” The MDR-EX800ST is an in-ear monitor developed for stage use, developed by Sony, a world leader in technology, and Sony Music Studio, which knows the world of live performance inside and out. In addition to high sound quality, it has durability to withstand hard performance.

Faithfully reproduces the sound heard in the studio While the in-ear type promises the artist a light performance, the large-diameter 16mm dynamic driver unit realizes a natural frequency characteristic like that of a recording studio monitor speaker. It has excellent resolution and is suitable for monitoring.

Wearing comfort and durability suitable for live performances The flexible ear hanger can be shaped to fit the shape of the ear, providing a secure fit. In addition, high input resistance up to 500mW, easy cord conversion in case of accidents, and other functions suitable for live environments have been realized.

Full utilization of development know-how of studio monitor headphones Developed jointly by Sony and Sony Music Studio, just like the monitor headphones MDR-CD900ST, which have received high praise in recording venues. Precise sound quality adjustment through precise manual work minimizes individual differences in acoustic characteristics.



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