LAKE PEOPLE G103-S MKII Professional Headphone Amplifier


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Stereo headphone amplifier

The Lake People Phone-Amp G103-S MKII is a stereophonic headphone amplifier for professional use in the recording studio or on stage.
Unlike comparable models, the overall gain can be adjusted to the headphones used via internal jumpers. With this technology, the headphone amplifier can be operated with almost all known headphone impedances from 8 – 600 ohms.

With its optimized, low-distortion and low-noise circuit technology, the Lake People G103-S MKII meets the highest requirements.

With its small dimensions, the G103-S MKII provides optimal flexibility with high performance. During construction, great importance was attached to operational safety in the event of incorrect operation and rough handling.
The device is absolutely short-circuit-proof!

Technical brilliance

The G103-S MKII has internal filters that protect the connected headphones from being overloaded by – inaudible – low and high frequencies.

The housing of the G103-S MKII is made of black anodized aluminum. This guarantees high mechanical stability and resistance to harsh environmental influences. The high electrical conductivity of the surfaces results in excellent EMC properties.

Power is supplied via a three-pole IEC/CEE socket and an associated “cold device” power cable with a Schuko plug. The device is intended for a mains voltage of 230 V.

The “POWER” switch is located on the front panel. The switched-on status is indicated by a green LED under the “POWER” switch. Two long-term short-circuit proof transformers generate the internal operating voltages of approx. +/- 25 V.


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