64 Audio U6T Universal In-Earphone


  • With 6 Balanced-Amature drivers (1 tia BA high frequency driver, 1 BA mid-high frequency driver, 2 BA midrange drivers, 2 BA low frequency drivers)
  • 4-Way passive crossover
  • Modular Apex module (m15, m20) for an effortless sound experience
  • Ergonomic aluminium enclosure
  • LID technology preserves sound character independent of playback device
  • Frequency response: 10 – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB/mW @ 1 kHz

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The A6t goes uni-fit

With the dark grey U6t, US manufacturer 64 Audio is launching its most popular custom-fit in-ear monitor, the A6t, in a universal fit version at an unbeatable price. The 4-way IEM is equipped with a system of six balanced-armature drivers, and on top of that features the innovative, proprietary tia, Apex (modular), and LID technologies, which assure that it meets even the highest demands. An extensive selection of TrueFidelity, SpinFit, and silicone earpieces in three sizes each, a black premium-grade cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector, two Apex modules (m20 and m15), and a leather case are included in the scope of delivery.

Superb sound

The U6t offers an excellent, organic sound with clean depth graduation, a precise panorama performance, rich bass response, subtly nuanced mids, and velvety-soft treble frequencies. The closed 4-way in-ear monitor has six BA drivers on each side, two each for bass and midrange output, another one for high midrange, and an open tia driver for the treble range. An integrated passive frequency crossover divides the audio signal to supply the four paths, and in addition, the manufacturer specifies the frequency range as 10 Hz to 20 kHz.

Flexible thanks to Apex

The modular Apex technology allows you to customise the isolation level and the sound: While the m20 (-20 dB) and m15 (-15 dB) modules included in the scope of delivery primarily ensure a great deal of ambient noise reduction and a warm, pleasant monitor sound, the optionally available mX module provides a more open, analytical audio experience with reduced isolation (-10 dB), moderate bass, and focused mids. Apex also ensures fatigue-free listening via pneumatic-interactive ventilation by reducing the pressure in the ear. With the U6t, musicians, vocalists, and all other discerning users get a professional-sounding and flexibly customisable in-ear monitor at a fair price.

About 64 Audio

64 Audio is a US company from Vancouver, Washington, consisting of around 70 employees and founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, which has developed into a globally respected manufacturer of premium-quality in-ear monitoring systems. With future-oriented innovations such as tia, apex, and LID, the premium in-ear monitors included in the range outperform traditional technologies. In addition to the universal “off the shelf” in-ear monitors with foam and silicone ear tips in different sizes, 64 Audio also offers custom-made in-ear monitors, for which a new, digital process called 3D-Fit is used instead of the conventional moulding process. Many famous show stars already rely on the IEM systems from 64 Audio.

A monitoring expert

The U6t is equally suitable for monitoring on stage and in the studio. The in-ear monitor impresses not only with its high level of shielding from ambient noise, but also with its excellent sound characteristics. In addition, the so-called Apex modules allow you to customize the sound and the external insulation to your own needs and the place of action. In addition, the sleek and elegant U6t is also perfectly suitable as an audiophile headset for those looking for high-end musical enjoyment. The over-ear cable design, the ergonomically designed casing, and the extensive selection of different earpieces also guarantee that these in-ears fit securely and are comfortable to wear even for hours on end.


64 Audio

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
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