Aroma A100TB True Balance Amplifier


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Focus & Perfection

A100 TRUE BALANCE (hereinafter referred to as A100TB) is the fully updated version of A100 with more focus and perfection. With the experience gained from the A100, the A100TB focuses on retaining its features while undergoing a complete overhaul of the internal circuitry, supporting only 4.4mm balanced inputs and outputs.

Improvement on all levels

Unlike the A100, the A100TB takes into account factors such as market changes and circuit optimization etc. and therefore sacrifices the flexibility in inputs and outputs and only supports balanced 4.4mm inputs and outputs to ensure that the sound is not only clearer, but also powerful and in 3D.

The appearance and manufacturing process of the A100TB has been significantly improved. The optimized structure and upgraded metal processing technologies offer customers a better user experience; the well-considered design also gives the product more delicacy and character.

Optimized power supply

The power supply circuit of A100TB has been greatly upgraded and optimized. A high-current, ultra-low-noise, constant-voltage filter circuit has been added to the power supply, controlling ripple voltage to 20uV and expanding the energy storage capacity of the main filter to 6800uF, providing ultimate power to every device as if powered directly from batteries would. Compared to A100, the power supply of A100TB has more power and is much purer, which is a qualitative leap.

Fully balanced amplifier circuit

The amplifier circuit of the A100TB is designed as a balanced and fully balanced four-channel amplifier circuit. The overall architecture of the circuit retains the two-stage inverting amplifier structure. The first stage inverting amplifier circuit is responsible for switching the signal gain. The gain switches are tuned internally using better quality switches and shorter traces to achieve the best performance. After the first stage of amplification, the signals enter the downstream inverting power amplifier circuit through the four-channel digital potentiometer and are then output to the headphones. Compared to the A100, the circuitry of the A100TB is less complicated and more sophisticated to achieve the purest and most authentic sound possible.

The overall circuit design of the A100TB and the selection of components have been significantly optimized and improved. Vishay precision wafer resistors were used in the audio circuitry. The capacity has been appropriately improved based on parameters and sound comparisons. The printed circuit board was provided with the immersion gold process. The circuit parameters have been repeatedly tested and optimized, resulting in a performance improvement in all areas.

Swappable Op-Amps

The A100TB is still designed for quick op amp swaps, allowing users to “play around” with the op amps. A100TB can be charged via USB Type-C. The external power jack is located on the back of the A100TB, to which the AROMA PS100 power supply or PS10 power supply can be connected to further amplify the audio.

Technical data

  • 320mW-16Ω (rated power)
  • 530mW-32Ω
  • 860mW-100Ω
  • 310mW-300Ω
  • 160mW-600Ω
  • THD+N: 0.0006% at 800mW 100Ω 1kHz
  • Resolution: 120dB @ 800mW 100Ω 1kHz


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